Springtime Brunch


I am not ready to write recipes or dive into my cooking style yet. Maybe soon. I just moved across the country and took on a much more rewarding and challenging day job...so for now I will stick to a barely comprehensible stream of consciousness complemented by menus. 

This date has always stuck out at me. It is a month after my birthday and I always feel like it happened too fast while also feeling like my birthday was ages ago. I always get into a funk on my birthday and then overthink the situation.

That is enough "I" talk. Thank you to the kind new friend who was able to make this year's birthday not suck. Kind friend applied the powers of ping pong and inherent, genuine goodness to remind me of the point of it all. 

Enough of that. Here are three eggless brunch menus I wrote once.

  1. Pretending to be at a wine bar but without pesky shoes or markup

    • Cheese platter with tinned fishes and citrusy herby olives

    • Roasted grapes and sausages

    • Tiny rhubarb tarts that are adorable as fuck

  2. Slightly Portuguese?

    • Bacalhau croquettes with extra lemony aioli

    • Clams and chorizo in vino verde sauce with bunches of bread and everyone dribbles it all over and down their chin but they are so happy

    • Little soft lettuces with a garlic and orange heavy dressing and bright green tomatoes (few guests actually go for this but I devour a whole heap of it as soon as they leave because it is what I love and I need a complete menu)

  3. Fire!

    • Crepes suzette

    • Boudin blanc over grilled greens

    • An enormous pile of berries

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