Other people's birthdays


Today is the birthday of my dear friend, Alex. Alex is my brother. Not by blood, but I do consider him family. I combed through my brown book and found the recipe that seems the most Alex. He may not agree…but this isn’t his blog, is it?

Chopped liver for a bunch of people

  • The nice man at Savenor’s said the salt should be 2% by weight so break out that scale like a badass and season at nearly every step.

  • Have a long chat with your butcher about organs and don’t forget to ask about their family.

  • Pickle some mustard seeds and get some cornichons.

  • Heat some butter and a little olive oil.

  • Hit that butter with diced shallot and relish briefly in the best smell in the world.

  • Add some chopped apple…something delicious like a honeycrisp…or a jazz because it makes you smile.

  • Cook those a while so they get all sweet and wonderful.

  • Also, thyme.

  • Get those livers in there! Trim them if you want…or don’t.

  • When everything seams properly toasty, FIRE! By that I mean pour in some brandy, tilt the pan, and flame it up.

  • Drink some brandy.

  • Let it cool a while, get it in a food processor, and add cold butter until it feels right.

  • You nailed it.

Sorry if you were hoping for measurements and real directions. Not today.


Samantha Culwell